What inspires me these days?

As an artist one has to explore different mediums and different thematic concepts to not only improve your craft but also expand your understanding of the world. For me it’s central to my work.

These days I produce a lot of bushranger themed work as that is a topic I really enjoy. I want to make a collection of these works as there really hasn’t been any significant attempt to do so since Sidney Nolan did his Ned Kelly series. I do create stuff that isn’t related to that theme and I want to start making more apolitical work because I think it’s a uniquely frustrating place to work from. Everyone has political agendas these days and everyone seems ready to jump down someone’s throat for expressing the wrong view or expressing the right view wrongly. Such an environment is poison to creativity and toxic to the soul.


That said, I am still very interested in sexuality, gender and humanity as concepts to explore and I still have a keen interest in exploring the concept of beauty and what constitutes ideals of beauty, but I might muse on those more in non-visual mediums as the strangely puritanical attitudes to things of that nature online make it difficult to post about them. Than again, that’s kind of the point I’m trying to make in these works so… I dunno.

I am also still interested in photographing toys in unusual locations. I hope to do a series called “Dragons of Melbourne” that will have tiny plastic dragons photographed in various locations around the city. When that gets finished I’ll make it a coffee table book because I reckon it’d be a nice thing to have. A bit quirky.

I am undertaking tertiary studies at the moment that will impact heavily on my output but hopefully in more positive ways than negative ones. My TeePublic store is still up and running and I am slowly trying to shift my bushranger work into a separate store so that it’s a little more diversified. One of the pieces available there at the moment is this Warhol inspired Wild Bill Hickok design.



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